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It was 1989 when Chris brought us in and named the band Western Underground. 27 years later we're still making music together. For those of you that have been to our shows over the last several years you've watched Ned LeDoux step up front, pick up a guitar and sing a few of his Dad's songs. Many of you may have caught one of his solo shows. Ned has continued to grow as an artist and we're damn proud of what he's accomplished since joining the band back in 1998. As a skilled drummer he's been part of the two headed monster that powered the LeDoux sound and continues to drive Western Underground to this day. Working with Chris was an honor that we are all grateful for and being a part of Western Underground is like having a second family.

AND NOW 2016 will be the year of change. It's time to turn the reins over to Ned and begin a new era of LeDoux music. This year at Chris LeDoux Days June 18, the band will play it's final official show as Western Underground. Going forward it will be Ned LeDoux leading the way. The guys will still be backing up Ned to get things rolling and the show will be an even wider variety of Chris's music along with the music that Ned has and will be creating.

During a trip to Nashville in July 2015 Ned took a handful of Chris's unfinished song lyrics and sat down with producer, songwriter and 8 time CMA musician of the year Mac McAnally. The result of that meeting was the first new Chris LeDoux song in over two decades co-written by Ned, Mac and Chris. It sounded so much like Chris that it gave me chills to listen to it. I can't wait to hear what's next.

We are all excited about the next step and the new music. To stay up to date with what Ned is up to and upcoming shows, (solo or full band) please check out www.nedledoux.com 

See Ya down the road! Mark


Ned LeDoux

Ned promo 2016
The ride

Check out the latest shows, bio and photos at www.nedledoux.com


Check out the Gallery page
for a few photos from A brand
new project titled One Ride.
Inspired by the music of
Chris LeDoux, WU takes the
stage in a part concert, part
musical, part dance, and full
tilt, rip roarin' production you
won't want to miss.

(not yet touring, but in the works)

Kaycee, WY

D Michael Thomas has created an incredible bronze statue of
Chris LeDoux, riding Stormy Weather, titled, GOOD RIDE COWBOY.
On June 19th, 2010, the Chris LeDoux Park was dedicated, and
this incredible sculpture was unveiled. Over 3,500 people from
around the country showed up to honor a great man. It was an
awesome day and one that we will never forget. There are some
excellent pictures at www.chrisledoux.com under the "monument"
heading. Check them out, and you mught be interested in a
T-shirt from the event also. Go to the store and have a look around.
A unveiling 2010 009
F unveiling 2010 282


Thanks for stopping by and lookin' around. There's nothing slick about Western Underground, just a love for clean, hard drivin' rodeo rock and roll, and a desire to carry on the great music of Chris LeDoux, while we create some music of our own.

Take a minute and look around, and leave us an e-mail, story, joke or a whatever tickles your fancy.
If you're a LeDoux fan, then hit the gallery for some great photos and memories of  that incredible journey with Chris and WU on tour.
To all of the countless, loyal fans, that showed up, shook the timbers, and kicked every concert into overdrive. We're grateful for what you did then, and we look forward to what's in store ahead. It's always been one big family, and we mean to keep the family together.

Join in and be apart of the team, and let's make some "Good Ol' Days to come"

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